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There are three essential elements to high-end new home construction:

  • Quality Design - each home suits the owner’s lifestyle, not just the architect’s design style.
  • Quality Construction - the best materials and construction techniques are used.
  • Quality Finishes – every detail is attended to and installed by experienced craftsmen.

Forte Properties blends all three elements at a very competitive price, completes each home within the shortest possible time and delivers homes that are maintenance and worry-free for years to come. Beginning with the planning and design stages, each project is handled - from the construction permitting process through issuance of the permanent certificate of occupancy - by an experienced team of professionals who are intimately familiar with each client’s individual requirements.

Forte Properties uses two distinct construction methods depending upon the size of the home and each client’s desires.

For homes of 6,000 square foot and under, Forte Properties offers the option of custom factory-crafted construction. Most of the homes shown on our Website were built using this method, which is not to be confused with typical modular or factory-built construction. Instead, each home is custom designed to the client’s specifications and, rather than being framed and enclosed on-site, is framed and enclosed in sections in a climate controlled facility by experienced craftsmen and delivered to the site for assembly. As a result, our custom factory-crafted homes are built in record time - approximately 6 to 7 months from design to completion - ensuring completion on schedule and saving money - 30% or more over the cost of traditionally built homes.

There are numerous other advantages to this construction method, among them:

  • Design costs are included in the purchase price - there are no architect’s fees.
  • Construction materials are never exposed to the elements or on-site pilferage.
  • Construction crews are highly skilled and dependable reducing mistakes and delays.
  • The controlled environment and specialized facilities permit a higher standard of precision.
  • Every aspect of construction is subject to exceedingly high quality standards and control.
  • Structural design is significantly stronger than average to ensure safe transit to the site.
  • Uniform building code inspections are done at the factory facilitating the permitting process.

For homes over 6,000 square feet - or for clients who prefer - Forte Properties uses traditional construction methods, commonly called "stick built" construction. Current building code requirements in New York and other states significantly delay the building permit process for custom factory-crafted construction homes over 6,000 square feet. Accordingly, we recommend that larger homes be stick built. Of course, we apply the same passion for design and quality in our stick built homes, and we far exceed most building code standards and features offered by competitive custom builders.

With both construction methods, extensive detail work is finished on site, including crown moldings, domestic or imported tiles, mahogany terraces, heated marble floors, wood paneling, etc. using carefully selected and screened professional craftsmen.

No matter which construction method you choose, each Forte Properties home is built to the same exceedingly high quality design, construction and finish standards, which are all monitored by inspection procedures throughout construction in order to deliver a truly superior home.




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